Frequently Asked Questions About Marathon Training

  1. What are the 10 principles of marathon training?
  2. Can you give me some general marathon training tips?
  3. How should a beginner train for a marathon?
  4. I have a good fitness base, can you give me a marathon training program?
  5. How does my body change when I start running?
  6. I have heard about a new concept in marathon training that only had three training runs a week. Do you have this program?
  7. How far should I run for my marathon training?
  8. How do I prepare for the long run during marathon training?
  9. How do I boost my running endurance?
  10. How do I avoid runner’s burnout?
  11. What is speedwork?
  12. How do I taper for my marathon?
  13. How will Hornet Juice help my marathon?
  14. What things can I experiment with prior to race day?
  15. What do I do in the last few days leading up to my marathon?
  16. What are the psychological issues in a marathon and how do I deal with them?
  17. How do I break through the wall and avoid bonking?
  18. What is the best way to recover from a marathon?
  19. How do I train for an ultra marathon?
  20. Any tips for life after the marathon?
  21. What fluids should I drink during the marathon?
  22. What are the myths about fat burning?
  23. How will a heart rate monitor help my training?
  24. What is VO2 max?
  25. What does lactate threshold mean?
  26. What are the signs of overtraining?
  27. How do I warm up before a run?
  28. What causes muscle cramps and how do I treat them?
  29. How do I avoid getting injuries from running?
  30. How do I treat running injuries?
  31. How do I stretch as part of my marathon training?
  32. Will cross training help my marathon training?
  33. Will weight training help my marathon?
  34. How do I keep cool when running in the summer heat?
  35. What are the best marathons in the world?
  36. What are the best marathons in the United States?
  37. How do I pack for my marathon?
  38. How do you choose the best running shoes?
  39. How do I choose a pair of running shorts?
  40. How do I train for walking a marathon?
  41. Can you give me a training program for a half marathon?
  42. How long should my recovery be after the half marathon?
  43. How long after completing my first half marathon can I move up to the marathon?
  44. How can I use the speed work I did for my half marathon to run a new PB for 10km?
  45. Should I have a special diet for marathon training?
  46. What is sports nutrition?
  47. Are there special diet issues for women?
  48. Are there special diet issues for vegetarian athletes?
  49. How do I avoid dehydration?
  50. Will alcohol harm my marathon training?
  51. Can I use body fat as an energy source during endurance exercise?
  52. Can hornets (as seen on the National Geographic Channel) help my marathon performance?
  53. Is there any technique involved in running?
  54. Where can I find a list of international marathons?
  55. Where can I find a schedule of marathons in the USA?
  56. Where can I find a list of California marathons?
  57. Where can I find a calendar of half marathons?
  58. What are the qualifying standards for the Boston Marathon?
  59. What is the history and most famous moments of the Boston Marathon?
  60. Got any marathon related jokes?
  61. Got any marathon related quotes?
  62. What are antioxidants?
  63. What are amino acids?
  64. What do they mean by “bonking”?