MarathonPal.com has been put together by a group of friends, living in different countries, who are passionate about marathons.

We first met, working as ex-pats in Asia, at various races around the region. Most of us have since returned home, but once or twice a year we use an international marathon as the excuse to get together.
Our abilities range from PBs of 2:40 right up to 4:15 so we feel well qualified to cover the spectrum.

The idea for this website resulted from each of us doing our homework on various training issues/programs and sharing this with the running group. The logical extension was to centralize it online for all to see and update it as new information came to hand.

The information contained on this website has either been written by us or re-produced with the kind permission of other experts in their field.

We do this because we love running marathons and are constantly striving to improve our knowledge base in a selfish attempt to achieve a new PB. We all have an interest in sports and running science and are happy to share this information with other runners.

We do not operate for profit as all information on this site is free, however, we welcome sponsorship to help cover our costs and ask that you support our sponsor.

Thanks for visiting and all the best for your marathon training and competition.